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Lichtenstein, Roy

*1923 Manhattan, New York (USA) - †1997 Manhattan, New York (USA)

In the 1960s, Lichtenstein allegedly said something in an interview that reconciled me with his art. Until then, it seemed to me that it was all about parody, but now I understood his intention: Pop Art is not a uniquely American form of painting, but rather industrial painting. It comes from the USA, because capitalism and commercialization are more extreme there than elsewhere in the world - at least at the moment. His paintings merely anticipate what would soon be observable everywhere: an initially hardly noticeable shift from perceiving reality and morals towards materialism. Against this background, his art is now already international.

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Roy Lichtenstein: Merton Of The Movies, 1968, Original Poster

Original exhibition poster for Minnesota Theatre Company, serigraph in colours with silver foil

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