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Masson, André

*1896 Balagny-sur-Thérain (FR) - † 1987 Paris (FR)

With his abstract art, André Masson counts as one of the surrealists from the École de Paris, whom he joined in 1924. During the Second World War, he lived and worked in the USA, where he became quite influential. Masson’s pictures are not about representing a reality that could be promptly grasped, but a vivid and dynamic interplay of abstraction, colour and rhythm.

André Masson: Original Lithograph 'Acanthus Germ' signed, Arches paper

One of the early, beautiful color lithographs, signed and numbered by the French surrealist, on Arches paper

595,00 €

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André Masson: "Departure" Original Lithograph, Mourlot Souvenirs

Rare original color lithograph "Le départ" on Arches laid paper for Mourlot's "Souvenirs et portraits d'artistes"

159,00 €

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André Masson: Original Lithograph Turbulences 1969, printed by Mourlot

Magnificent original lithograph, abstract composition for "Panorma '69", printed in numerous bright colors

129,00 €

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