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Picasso, Pablo

*1881 Málaga (ES) – †1973 Mougins (FR)

"No Picasso here!"  To my surprise, I recently found this unmistakable and seemingly frustrated note on one of the shelves in the depths of my favourite antiquaria shop, where I was looking for catalogues raisonnés. "Almost everybody wants to buy original prints by Picasso, but there is just more about him than by him", the shop owner growled. "I have nothing left that I could sell as genuine with a clear conscience."

This dilemma mirrors the reality of all famous painters’ works of printmaking. Original prints by Picasso (lithographs, woodcuts) are now so rare to find that a parallel universe has developed where revamped modern reprints (offset lithographs etc.) are correspondingly popular.

We cannot tell you anything about the exceptional artist Picasso here that you could not read anywhere else. So we focus on what we are really good at: offering you rare original(!) prints by Picasso, or at least old, authentic prints after Picasso (especially lithographic exhibition posters made by Mourlot) that were produced during his lifetime. Hence we can say: "No later reproductions here!"

Pablo Picasso: Mourlot Poster Musée Réattu Arles, Dessins inédits 1971

Original exhibition poster with the lithograph 'Homme et Femme' after a drawings from the artist's donation of works

175,00 €

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Pablo Picasso: Original vintage poster Alex Maguy, Galerie Elysée 1962

Exhibition poster on Arches with the original lithograph in colors "Jacqueline Picasso", printed by Mourlot

1.495,00 €

( VAT excl., excl. Shipping costs )


Pablo Picasso: Poster "Peintures 1955-1956" Galerie Louise Leiris 1957

Original vintage poster for the artist's exhibition of paintings from the years 1955 and 1956, lithograph in colors (Mourlot no. 299)

850,00 €

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