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Giving an unframed graphic as a present? How does that work?

Maybe you have already had the idea of giving a beautiful original graphic as a present… and then wondered if a graphic without a frame wasn’t only a poor second choice?

We don’t think so. In no other area do opinion differ as much as when it comes to picture frames: One may prefer plain, narrow borders, and another grand, pompous borders. The choice of materials can also be a real challenge: wood, metal or maybe rather synthetic material? Discreetly low-key or a real eye catcher? The colour is particularly delicate as not only the colour shades of the picture are significant, but also the decoration of the room in which the picture is to be hung up.

So don’t make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself and leave the choice of frame up to the receiver of the present. Instead give a rare, valuable original(!) graphic instead of an art print. And even an unframed sheet can be presented elegantly. We will help you to do so!

All sheets up to size 'medium' ( of which the longest side is 39 cm, e.g. all original lithographs of Marc Chagall’s series "The Bible" or the issues of 'Derriere le Miroir') are packed in a way so that you can give them away as presents: The sheet / magazine is secured on acid-free white cardboard and packed in a special transparent sheet for graphics. The respective proofs of identity are inserted at the rear of the sheet.

This way you can check the sheet as soon as you receive it and then pack it as you wish – and there’s your present! We also guarantee safe shipping: The sheet is secured between two stable plates that can be reused. (Delivery without pictured decoration material).