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The woodcut as an artistic means of expression in printmaking
Woodcutting is a relief printing technique, comparable to stencil printing. If an artist wants to create a colour woodprint, he needs one wooden printing plate for each colour. On the red plate, for instance, all the wood is removed that is not supposed to be printed. What remains is parts that are to be printed. They have been carved out with knives and etcher’s needles and have to be dyed red. After each print, the colour has to dry first before the next colour can be rubbed, rolled or pressed off the next printing plate.

Modern graphic prints made by woodcutting often have a laminar, striking appearance and broken colour structures. Expressionist artists appreciated these features for accentuating their mostly single-coloured works and giving them a raw, direct and ostensive character.

Noboru Sawai: "Grand Concert" Etching and Woodcut, 1975, signed

Large woodcut with etching elements on Arches wove paper, signed and annotated by the artist

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