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Marc Chagall: Sarah and the Angels Original Lithograph Verve Bible

Marc Chagall: Sarah and the Angels, Original Lithograph Verve Bible 1960 - Abraham, Mother | Graphic work
Original lithograph in colors for "Illustrations for The Bible" Verve, Mourlot Paris
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Marc Chagall: Sarah and the Angels Original Lithograph Verve Bible
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Marc Chagall: Sarah and the Angels, Original Lithograph Verve Bible 1960 - Abraham, Mother | Back Page
Marc Chagall: Sarah and the Angels, Original Lithograph Verve Bible 1960 - Abraham, Mother | Graphic work


"Sarah And The Angels"

In this picture, Marc Chagall conveys to us in lithographic form another chapter from the Bible that he has carefully selected. The artwork refers to Gen 18, 1-21. God’s messengers tell Abraham’s wife Sarah of the imminent first birth. Despite her old age, she is supposed to give birth to a son.
In Chagall’s visual interpretation of this biblical scene, the adorned figure of Sarah receives the good news with lifted hands, her head bowed, and the eyes closed happily. Her pretty profile enters the picture on the lower left. The head’s bend leads the viewer’s gaze towards the group of angels. It seems as if we are directly present at this moment. With open mouths and their wings spread widely, two of the three angel messengers are talking to Sarah, while the third one blows a horn.
Chagall skilfully avoids letting either Sarah or the angels become the sole foreground of the painting. By his stylistic means, they become equally prominent. Due to the proportional contrast that her significant size creates, Sarah is just as much the centre of attention as the angels in their luminous red. With this work, we are directly listening to the angels’ message to Sarah.
This is  N O T  a mass-produced print (offset or grano lithograph from a later "Limited edition") but the original lithograph from Chagalls Bible II, exactly as referenced in Mourlots catalogue raisonné.
Original edition:
6.500 unsigned impressions on Velin + 50 signed and numbered impressions on Arches paper
35,5 x 26 cm | 14" x 10.2" (sheet size = image size)
Published by:
Éditions de la Revue Verve, Teriade, Paris
Printed by:
Mourlot, Paris
On the reverse: another original lithograph in black (Mourlot 263);
Biblical reference: Gen 18, 1-21
In 1956, the French art critic and publisher Tériade brought out a special issue of the legendary art magazine Verve, which was exclusively devoted to one of Marc Chagalls major themes: The Bible. For this outstanding issue, Chagall composed 18 full-page colour lithographs and 12 in black and white. For his "Bible I" Marc Chagall focused on characters from the Old Testament such as the Founding Fathers, the Kings, the Prophets and Angels. Four years later, in 1960, the follow-up issue "Illustrations for The Bible" was published, with another 24 gorgeous color lithographs. Since then, vast numbers of reproductions were put in circulation which are anything but original(!) lithographs.
Mourlot, F., Chagall Lithograph [II] 1957-1962, A. Sauret, Monte Carlo 1963, No. 240 + 263

Your print is being delivered with an abstract from the a.m. catalogue raisonné. In addition, you'll receive a proof of identity (without selling price) in case this print is intended as a present.
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In very good condition. Frame not included in delivery.

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