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Original Lithographs

Original Lithographs

Lithographs - Originals or Art Prints?
In our experience there is great confusion amongst the general public about what a lithograph actually is. And yet it is so simple - at least for the expert with access to the appropriate oeuvre catalogues: If a lithograph is the only existing realisation of an artistic concept, i.e., if the motif does not exist in any other printing technique or in the form of an original painting, you are dealing with an original lithograph which was produced by the artist him- or herself. It is then not described as a photo-mechanically lithographed art print, i.e., a reproduction. You will find more information on the printing technique of original lithographs (lithography) as well as on reproduced lithographs on Wikipedia.

So, are signed lithographs always originals as the artist accredited it with his or her signature? Unfortunately not. Many distinguished artists have contributed to this confusing situation themselves when they made copies of their own works - usually towards the end of their lives in order to try and make a profit with their art. They often did this by asking third parties to lithograph their works or reproduce them photo-mechanically instead of drawing lithographs on stone themselves - and then only signed them afterwards.

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