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Braque, Georges

*1882 Argenteuil (FR) – †1963 Paris (FR)

Born into a family of painters, the 17 year-old Braque moved to Paris in 1899, following his boyhood friends Dufy and Friesz. At first, he was influenced by impressionism, but shortly after this period, he began to experiment within the circle of the avant-gardists from the École de Paris. In around 1904, he met Picasso, who lived in the Bateau Lavoir. Braque lived opposite in the Rue d’Orsel. The two visited each other, exchanged insights and techniques, mixed colours that “do not belong together” and questioned everything that had been valid up until then. Fauvism was born, followed shortly afterwards by cubism. The first works of the legendary “papiers collés” were created. Braque’s artistic work was interrupted by two world wars. After the end of the Second World War, he increasingly focused on printmaking. He created etchings and lithographs with a specific subject that he would maintain until the end of his life: birds.

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